peace found.
peace found.

I’m wondering lately how one goes about honing their cosmic skills. I’ve noticed a few psychic abilities in myself, the like of which I don’t quite have the know-how to actively use. They use themselves and I realize it later. I almost want to say that if I knew how to use them they would no longer work. But I dont know the laws. If I could only be observant enough of my own inner-tells…of certain patterns which would enlighten me to the future-telling, or present energy feeling Truths that arise within me. I suppose it is the experience of life that allows for the layers to build so that your current present is wise enough to encompass every past present and future present. I’m not there yet. I’ll enjoy this time of mysticifation…it is an colorless, wearisome life the magician leads. Unless, of course, the magic is real.

Which, in this case, it so happens to be. Which is what excites me for the future of this beautiful, dying planet we have come to. Humankind has put itself through countless years of suffering to create the comforts we now can’t live without. The suffering of the physical realm has served to slowly tear us away from our true source. It has also served to dull our senses…the ones outside of the five we have now, which are also slowly fading. It is not any one of our faults. This movement away from Truth and what is Real has been collectively occuring for hundreds of years. But Now. Now we are near a precipice. As physical beings, we no longer need anything. In fact weare given way more than we need every day. We have fixed reality so that we can all sleep in a nice bed and eat genetically modified food (a direct result of a failing to keep up with this reality) and then throw away the other half. We have reached the pinnacle point where it is necessary to wake up from the comforts we’ve created and realize this reality isn’t as fixed as we had hoped. And at the same time, realize that our human potential is stronger than ever. We are in the best position we could ever have dreamed about being in 500 years ago. To do what is Right. and Good. To use the structures we’ve built as scaffolding for a better, fuller, richer life. One that we live harmoniously with pachamama and the resources she provides us to accurately express her beauty and represent her nature. One that love, creativity, beauty and abundance are the cornerstones of society. Where children grow in permittance of the Spirit to do what they have truly come to earth to do at full capacity  instead of living a life hindered by trauma and distortion…which they will spend ever-after acting out of or healing from.

Consciousness is on the rise despite it being hard to see. Now is the time to use our collective strength, human power and everything we’ve learned to turn in the right direction. May we all find a way, through the monotony of days and struggles that do exist in our comfortable world, to expand and express the infinite light that we are reflections of and manifest it for the Good.


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