Wow, I don’t recognize any of this. Everything has changed…and so rapidly have they changed. I woke up in a strange holding tank…only just realized where I was today. Stuck in an interruption that ruined my whole mood. That made me want to scream and cry. I was going somewhere. Finally. I was feeling something. In the daytime. Now I have to start dreaming again. Maybe that’s why we are so inundated with them in the modern ages. Life just isn’t the dream it once was…the multi-sensed dream it should be. So we leave when we can. We open ourselves up in the unsafe safety of our unconscious. God it feels good to be vulnerable. Raw, and perfect.

Raw and Perfect

We are all cogs in something turning. I know now its all for the light. I can smile now. I know now that when I do, I tickle these little beings that live in my face into laughter.  I’ve received a multitude of unconditional love lessons since I was last here. Ones you can only learn when you let go, completely. Of everything you know, and everything you think you feel…of your own breath, of your own physical control to live, all the tiny instincts you never notice are keeping you alive. It’s hard to get there. So much evil to purge. So many energies harbored deep in our body. Energies we either ignore, or are unaware just stay stored where they shouldn’t be. So much that wasn’t even ours in the first place. It’s so hard to get there. But its so worth the hell. The purity of existing ethereally, one with the spirit, makes the death of shedding evil, so good. I wish that every human being living on pachamama could feel the things I felt, and see the things I saw. Especially the ones with little or no faith. Because it all makes sense now. All the people and the symbols, the words, the relics, the deities. Its all become so askew…and easy to lose faith in. But it all makes sense to me now. The oneness of it all. It was a gift, and shall so remain, like every day we wake strangely and uniquely to breath manifested light.

Jungle Pink
Jungle Pink

One thought on “The Whole

  1. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to make the transition between worlds like you have. Why is it that interior growth, as sweet as it can be, must also be so painful? You are a queen in this world and every other. Raw and perfect.

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