Getting There

One decision is not enough. Maybe it is. But around here, there is a thick entanglement of deep truth, fear and bright red tape which make my attempts to decipher the inner workings of fate nearly impossible. Cause and effect are muddled by human emotion and ignorance. But all the dominoes fall. I intentionally closed one door so I could see down the corridor. Another beckoned. But it wouldn’t open. So I stood there until I was suddenly ushered forward, further on, way beyond my small human ability to decide for myself. Moved toward some foreign yet familiar light.

It’s that time again. To see why we’ve done what we’ve done and been where we’ve been. The magic of that will be revealed shortly. It’s the magic I live for! It’s why I’m with the one I’m with. I’m still chasing after Christmas cause Christmas isn’t coming my way. Its not allowed in these hills. The redwoods are too tall for santa to make any sort of landing anywhere. It’s much more tiring when you have to chase after it, though. I’m winded but I’ve almost caught it. A couple days away from holding it in my lap while I sing I’ll Be Home For Christmas until it sleeps; sipping brandy and eggnog in front of a fire that burns nostalgia.

“Darkness is cheap, and Scrooge liked it.” -Dickens