But as we’ve done so many times before we should ask ourselves again, what is it to be free? Is it simply to be unencumbered of burden responsibility and restraint? Or is it a peace that comes only with complete independence? And is this of mind or of spirit or of being? Is is possible for one to be imprisoned by their own freedom?

To this last question I answer no. The rest were loaded. The last question, though, this can be answered plainly. For although one may at times feel ushered to answer yes to it, the question begs you to rethink how you got here and why you came. Not only these things. But who accompanies you in your freedom? And, of course, where are you going? These are the main boundaries of your freedom. But the list of what binds you is so long, the word freedom isn’t even involved. Too long and so long that I can barely continue speaking of what I came here to speak. Its become moot. I hate that. Reductio ad absurdium. To have gotten that conversation in its entirety you wouldve had to be in my head but unfortunately I think faster than I can type and I argued the point of freedom to absurdity and then concluded that the opposite must therefore be true. That doesn’t help anyone. So much for that.

Well. I’ll find it, one way or another. I hope we all do. Most of us won’t, but some of us will. Just gotta be careful. Be wary. Then empty your heart of its mortal dream.

“And brood no more where the fire is bright”
-WB Yeats


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