The Awakening Spirit


I can’t think of one normal thing about our life. And as I look up to be my own critic, questioning my previous thought, it’s only emphasized by my unfamiliar surroundings. So, happy Rosh Hashanah. We celebrated the Jewish New Year in a traditional fashion last night. And although not Jewish myself, I think it had an effect on me. Im at least aligned with the new moon now. The solemn holiday is meant for cleansing and rebirth of the spirit. And if you should celebrate it, so be it. I never have before this year and maybe that means something. I was invited to because it was time.

Nothing normal. The problem is that I am trying to make something which is so abnormal, normal in my head that I can’t even prove it to you. I can’t write about it. Can’t think about it. Just have to do it. Live it. It used to be that I had to write to stay on top of my world. It gave me a window through which I could peer at things and people around me for better understanding. This doesn’t seem to be the case now. Maybe because everything has become normal to me. What is abnormal anymore? Maybe as life begins to change and move in direction, you are given who you need, what you need and you are exposed to where you are…not physically, but spiritually and mentally. So there would be no contrast to this. Unless I was completely unstable. But i only wish to create one thing. In this physical landscape, I’m protected but so vulnerable. Why are we so safe? Continuously awakening to see the day.