We blog therefore We are

First of all, if none of my Moody relatives are going to see this…and we’ve agreed not to tell them, hold tight while I get my mind right.


We’re writing. Two minds as one (definite faux pas in the blogosphere). Don’t try it unless youre ready to experience how territorial you actually embarrassingly are over your cyber space. Isn’t it ironic that all we wanted to do (in this age of communication) is comment on Rachel’s blog, however, found it entirely too impossible? Perhaps it is not a lapse in technology afterall…I think our troubles are stemming from how natural and digitally unecumbered our lives have lately been. We have had no trouble commenting on sleeping giants of redwood or underwater forests seen through crystal clear lakes. Nothing like technology to limit our minds and take away our freedom.

Actually it’s all right and good. As I was reading the east and i’s blog and (asalways) eating through the content like baked macaroni and cheese with chunks of bacon in it, I suddenly realized it was talking to me. Wait, wait rewind…to me??! Being given a shout out in a stream of conscious thought, I was especially surprised and almost disbelieving. This wont be near as rewarding as my surprise from you, but much more so than a comment would be. I guess we can thank technology for that.

Thank you for the shout out, my blog really need to know if i was still alive. And you know Jeff is always looking for zombie/apocalyptic movies that don’t give a fuck. Thank you for being you…I’m in love with your existence.