creatures of the wind

I just wonder if instinct dies. Have we reached its half life? or are we dead to it. I just wonder because there comes a point in time or perhaps convulsion of circumstance when there are too many voices to know which it is; if it still is. Will it kick in even after being so suppressed? or will it refuse to out of spite. No… it must actually be one with each of our being and inextricably linked to our spirit. Always alive but very often ignored and neglected for real stupid reasons. 

I feel so grateful for so many things, its overwhelming me to tears when I think about it all. In certain ways it is making it hard to move forward. I should stay and repay, find ways to show my gratitude, however impossible that always feels. But I think I should bring it with me. Give thanks to everyone I meet so that they are confused but understand something too. There are many reasons other than this that I feel sorrow in taking the next leap. There will always be need here, never a perfect time to go. So we just close our eyes and say our goodbyes. Our purpose will not soon be forgotten and therefore will never be lost. They will be fine.